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Luzense Co., Ltd. is a sister company of Unilamp Co., Ltd., a leading lighting manufacturer in Thailand with the experience of two decades since 1993.
Luzense primarily focuses in products’ price-value while providing the acceptable level of quality, standard and design. We mainly offer products serving
household and residential areas.
Luzense luminaires offer the highest grade of manufacture and value on the market. The process of our luminaires manufacture combines design and
technology together with a blend of software. It is our promise to deliver our customers the best design balancing function and aesthetic while providing
easy installation, meet the expectation and provide the best value at affordable price.
Our working system is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Luzense is welcome to everyone. We are helpful and very engaged. We take customer satisfaction seriously.
Luzense believes in helping our customers achieve their objectives in a smart way.
Luzense is confident and can be reliable for customers.